The Spymaster Photo Gallery 

Spymaster takes readers on a journey inside the halls of power in Iraq as well as into the homes and of her characters, revealing the inner lives of men and women who are among Iraq's unheralded heroes. 

Harith Sudani with his father and two cousins at an amusement park.

Harith Sudani as a toddler with his parents, Abu Harith and Um Harith.

Harith and Munaf Sudani with a parrot, posing as colleagues while working for the Falcons.

Munaf al-Sudani.

Harith Sudani on his first visit to the sea during his vacation  to Lebanon.

Harith and Munaf Sudani playing soccer with relatives.

Harith al-Sudani with his childhood friends.

Soccer in Sadr City, Baghdad.

Harith Sudani and his colleagues from the Falcon Intelligence Unit.

Abu Harith and Munaf al-Sudani.

Harith Sudani's funeral poster commemorating his death in the line of duty for Iraq.

Abu Harith and Um Harith in the Sudani family home.

Raghad Sudani on the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca in 2019.

Abu Harith, Raghad and her children.

Raghad Sudani and two of her children in 2020 in the Sudani family home.